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WAK – A Stroll Gerarts (centre) explaining some finer points of Sarawak’s history to participants of a previous Stroll. (Photo courtesy of Jee Photography.)

Stroll through Sarawak’s unique history under the Brooke Rajahs

Paul Gerarts is back again with a new Stroll series this October, making it his third outing under the third What About Kuching (WAK) 2019. Under the patronage of Sarawak Heritage Society (SHS), Gerarts will be taking history and heritage enthusiasts on “A Stroll through Kuching’s law and order under the Brooke Rajahs”. He said […]

MYWriters president Gina Yap Lai Yoong.

Writing retreat, talks on copyright law and contracts during WAK2019

Malaysian Writers Society (MYWriters) is bringing three events to this year’s What About Kuching (WAK) 2019, which also falls in conjunction with #MYWritersFest2019. MYWritersFest, which began in 2015, is a month-long festival celebrating Malaysian writers and their writing. The first of their three events include ‘Write Now, Kuching’, a four-day three-night writing retreat taking place […]

WAK - Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2019 - P1.jpg DETERMINATION: Competitors from last year’s challenge keep their eye on the prize as the navigate the terrain on their mountain bikes. (Photo courtesy of Sarawak Adventure Challenge)

Registration for Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2019

Adventure enthusiasts have one more week to sign up for this year’s Sarawak Adventure Challenge 2019, which is back – bigger and better with even more race categories. Billed as one of the toughest adventure challenges in the region in 2018, the third edition on 12 October 2019 continues as a one-day duathlon adventure race […]