“Skool of Hip Hop”, From the Bottom to the Top!

Tha Project Hip Hop is back again for the third time in two years in conjunction with What About Kuching (WAK) 2019.

Known as a Borneo Hip Hop movement within Sabah, Brunei, Sarawak and Kalimantan, Tha Project Hip Hop highlights the elements of Hip Hop which are DJ (Turntablism), Breaking (Breakdance), Emcee (Rap), Graffiti, Knowledge, and Beatbox.

With the idea to elevate the Hip Hop scene through workshops under a new institution called “Skool of Hip Hop”, Tha Project called upon Kuching Youth Jam to collaborate.

Tha Hip Hop Jam. Photo by Adri Benjamin
Tha Hip Hop Jam. Photo by Adri Benjamin

Their mission is to educate some of the Hip Hop elements to the public with a vision of a more acceptable cross-cultural Borneo Hip Hop culture that elevates and unify the scene.

Kuching Youth Jam will be curating the Breaking Workshop lead by JC Ho meanwhile the Emcee Workshop “16 Lapis” is under the guidance of Asyraf Hardy, Silooman and a guest emcee from Kuala Lumpur named Fariq Frequensi (a member of ‘NtahSapeSapeNtah’) and the Graffiti Workshop “War Off Tha Walls” are going to be handled by Amey Sheikh Ali, D2K and Tha Black Cat, curated by Tha Project.

These names are no strangers to the locals as they have been around for years with their music and art flowing like Sarawak river.

Open to all Hip Hop lovers, to those who practices any of the elements and to those who are curious enough to learn about the Hip Hop culture, “Skool of Hip Hop” welcomes everyone with enough interest to elevate and educate themselves from the basic and foundation of the elements before moving on to the next step.


At these workshops, the participants will explore the roots of Hip Hop and probably find their own identity in this movement and how it can be a career for them in the future as it has been for the mentors. They can also learn how to ‘cypher’ and jam through their sessions which lead to a healthy battle that determines the winner of each element based on their category.

This is a game-changer where opportunities in the Hip Hop scene could be more accepted in the society that we live in instead of revolving it with a negative stigma. Hip Hop is not just about “black” culture although it is the pioneer (much respect); Hip Hop is also a journey, a lifestyle, knowledge and a cultural identity for those who believe in it.

The previous events during WAK by Tha Project Hip Hop called “Tha Block Party” and “Tha P. Pantei” are embedded in the Borneo Hip Hop history. The turn-ups were solid with impacts to the public and while Tha Project can’t please everyone with their shortcomings, they did it anyway for the love of Hip Hop. “Skool of Hip Hop” is the first of its kind to educate our society about the Hip Hop culture while infusing Borneo roots in it.

“Skool of Hip Hop” that is going to be conducted under Tha Project will be held on 12th and 13th October (two days workshops) at Location X (the Old Ting & Ting Supermarket) in Kuching City from 10 am to 3 pm (both dates) for Emcee/ Rap Workshop and from 10 am to 5 pm (both dates) for Graffiti Workshop followed by the ‘Graduation Day’ on 20th October from 3 pm to 8 pm.

There will be fees to attend each workshop; Adult – RM50, Student – RM25 & Child – FREE of charge.

Each of the participants will be getting their certificates of attendance during the ‘Graduation Day’ that is FREE and open for public, and the winners for each element and categories will be getting a trophy with the chance to showcase their talent.

Graffiti artists
Graffiti artists

Tha Project will also be providing notebooks, pens, and stickers for the Emcee Workshop and sketchbooks, markers, stickers, and some spray cans to play with for the Graffiti Workshop.

Please call 0197007165 to reserve your spot or for further information. The link to the Registration Form is on their Instagram profile @thaprojecthiphop and the fees are to be paid on the first day of the workshops.

Rap Performances by Fariq Frequensi, Asyraf Hardy, Silooman and Syamel Izwan together with a graffiti demo by Amey Sheikh Ali, D2K and Tha Black Cat are to be expected on the Graduation Day. The media who will be involved are Nik Falana, Wahlauwey Gang Pictures and some new kids on the block.

Tha Project is accepting sponsors of any sorts especially for spray cans and stationery, also more media collaborators to film and shoot for “Skool of Hip Hop”.

This “Skool of Hip Hop” is part of the continuing community outreach by Tha Project and Kuching Youth Jam as they work alongside to bring better understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of those on the spectrum in Kuching city. Peace be upon all, from Tha Project Hip Hop; all about Borneo Hip Hop, from the bottom to the top!

This event is part of What About Kuching 2019. For more information or to download our calendar, visit aboutkuching.com.  Programme booklet are also available for free across Kuching. For updates, find WAK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under @aboutkuching. Join the buzz by hashtagging #WAK2019, #WAK and #aboutkuching.

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