Swinburne International Festival taking arts, culture and lifestyle to the next level

The Swinburne International Festival is back to take celebrating arts, culture and lifestyle to the next level starting September 30 to October 4, in conjunction with What About Kuching (WAK) 2019.

This festival is an important event in the Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak community because both students and visitors get to enjoy the diversity presented by their students from different countries.

Swinburne Students in their traditional attire for Cultural Night. All photos courtesy of Swinburne International Festival.
Swinburne Students in their traditional attire for Cultural Night. All photos courtesy of Swinburne International Festival.

Taking place at the campus, this event is open to the public.

This year’s theme is ‘Chapters of Diversity’.

The festival is jointly organized by Swinburne Sarawak Student Council (SSSC), International Students Club (ISC), AIESEC in Kuching and the Student Life unit of Swinburne’s Student Engagement Department.

‘’Each culture and race have their own rich piece of history and traditions to share. It really is like this big book of fairy tales except for its real stories from real people and that’s what makes it so special. Swinburne Sarawak in its own way is a platform that contains all this culture, and everyone has their chapter in it. Hence, the theme,’’ explained a representative of the student council.

The main elements of the International Festival are Global Exhibition, Global Kitchen, Global Stage and Cultural Night.

Global Exhibition will be an interactive exhibition to introduce culture and traditions through the tales of the experienced volunteers from AIESEC. Global Kitchen is where students and vendors will showcase the different traditional dishes from different countries. These two events will take place at the G block Forecourt from 10 am – 3 pm daily.

Global Stage will be a short performance by the students of Swinburne, and a preview Cultural Night. Global Stage will take place from 12.45 pm – 1.15 pm daily at G Block Forecourt.

SSSC at WAK Calendar Reveal
SSSC at WAK Calendar Reveal

Cultural Night will be the last highlight of the festival, which will take place on October 4, from 6.30 pm – 11 pm at Swinburne’s Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH). Cultural Night will be a night of colourful performance from countries such as Africa, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, and many more.

Audiences are strongly encouraged to wear their traditional costumes.

Tickets for adult (18 and above) are sold at RM 15 while child tickets (Below 18) are RM 10 each.

Tickets are available at Chillin’ Crib, Swinburne University. Tickets are also available online at www.eventbrite.com or contact Lai Chung Yi at 016-809 8118 for further information.

For further inquiries, contact studentcouncil@swinburne.edu.my, Facebook (Swinburne Sarawak Student Council), or Instagram (@Swinstudentcouncil).

For more information on WAK or to download the calendar, visit aboutkuching.com. For updates, find WAK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under @aboutkuching. Join the buzz by hashtagging #WAK2019, #WAK and #aboutkuching.

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